About Us

Celebi Cargo GmbH

Celebi Cargo Frankfurt entered the market in 2010 and has revolutionised traditional cargo handling with a wide array of new advanced product offers. It is focused on deploying state-of-the-art technology, where all equipment and systems operate together in a single main-frame operating system. This new structure enables a fully automated and paperless warehouse. Furthermore, Celebi's network is successfuly expanding and offering full-scale distribution products throughout Europe.

Currently Celebi operates in four countries providing cargo services. Entering Frankfurt is deemed as an essential strategic step in building and developing cargo and ground services globally.

Technical Details

Details on the Frankfurt facility are as follows:

  • New, fully automised warehousing, real-time information systems connected in one main-frame-operating-system
  • 220,000 tons/year capacity
  • 33,800 m2 closed area:
    Warehousing Area Stacker Area Office Area Others (Parking, etc.)
    15,200 m2 4,500 m2 8,100 m2 6,000 m2
  • Highly secure facility:
    • CCTV (167 HD cameras)
    • Bio-metric card scanning doors/turnstiles
    • Security guards
    • Fusion security system
  • X-Ray screening machines with double generators/3D (1.80 x 1.80 metres)
  • ETV with 284 units of main-deck ULD storage capacity
  • 14 docks with roller-beds
  • 162 covered car parking area

Aim and Strategy

Celebi Cargo GmbH's aim and strategy is to implement a new type of cargo handling as well as to develop and introduce new cargo handling products with a focus on fully-automated operations, but with flexibility and control through human and manual oversight and involvement. As such technology will be combined, and infused, with spirit and emotion to create a 'LIVING TECHNOLOGY'.

Celebi differentiates itself with its completely thorough investment in technology and equipment, and maintaining this in a careful manner. The most up-to-date equipment is implemented to deliver efficiencies and high quality. This is a very new concept in Europe and gives rise to the greatest efficiencies and best control. The company has already achieved full automisation and a paperless warehouse.

Celebi Cargo GmbH implements handling and distribution products at and beyond the hubs, which work to the highest standards of excellence. The company aims to lead the way with regard to high quality delivery, real-time communications and customer service products. Celebi's focus is to empower and develop management and create a working environment which engages staff positively with the developing direction of the company.